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4 Signs You Need A New Toilet

The toilets in your home get a lot of use throughout the year, but it’s only when they start to malfunction that you notice just how much you depend on them. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at 4 of the most common signs that you need a new toilet. Many Winnipeg plumbers are taking the holiday season off or weekends, but you can count on us for fast and dependable service, no matter what time of the year it is!

Signs You Need a Toilet Replacement

Frequent Clogs and Overflows

Frequent clogs and overflows are two of the most common problems with toilets. It’s expected that your bathroom will clog from time to time, but if it’s happening more and more frequently, then you need to call a Winnipeg plumber for an inspection. The pipes connecting your toilet to the city’s sewer system could be blocked, or your toilet could be having water pressure problems.

Constant Running

A toilet that constantly runs isn’t just annoying, it’s expensive, too. The problem is usually that your fill tube isn’t working properly, and this is an easy fix that can be implemented by your plumber in a matter of minutes. However, if the problem persists, then it may be more cost-effective to shop for a new, more efficient toilet. As we’ll explain in the next section, constant running is often a sign that your toilet has a crack in the porcelain.

Cracks and Wobbling

Cracks and wobbling are two related, but distinct problems. Cracks in the toilet’s porcelain can allow water to leak into the walls and floor surrounding the toilet, eventually leading to mould and mildew growth.
More often, wobbling is caused by loose screws that need to be tightened by a plumber. However, wobbly toilets are sometimes caused by the floor surrounding the toilet, becoming unstable due to rotting wood and mould growth, so don’t hesitate to call a Winnipeg plumber the moment you notice that your toilet is shifting.

Frequent Repairs

Much like your car, water tank or anything else you depend on in your day-to-day life, there comes a time when you need to weigh the cost of repairing something against the cost of a new model. If you’ve had to call a residential plumber several times this year due to toilet problems, then it may be time to consider investing in a replacement.
As Winnipeg plumbing and drain expert, our mission is to provide homeowners in the area with accurate and reliable information that helps them make the right decision. We can come to your home and inspect your toilet, diagnose any problems, and make a recommendation about whether you should repair or replace the unit.

Call a Winnipeg Plumber Today!

We hope that this post will help you decide if it’s time to invest in a new toilet. Schedule your appointment through our website — we look forward to speaking with you soon!

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